Ambition and Faith
 Focus and Dedication
Desire, Drive and a Distain for the mediocre
Alcohol and Arguments
Checks and Balances
Heritage, Pride and Progress.
Genius and Hope and
  Whatever the fuck we want.
Victories and Apologies


We are completely full of...

Sound & Fury is an independent life-style brand and creative house based in Chicago. We specialize in designing and creating limited edition hand-printed apparel and paper goods and creating original pieces of art. 

What started as a conversation between two idea drunken friends about quality art, designs and screen-printing, we set out to make things that would piss a couple people off, make others think and most importantly, we would love.

With a shared love for a classic aesthetic, lewd and ecliptic pop culture imagery and the need for self-indulgence, we put our art and design skills combined with our passion for screen-printing and starting creating a line that would focus on creating quality, hand numbered limited edition printed good.